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Individual Horoscope

HOROSCOPE Natal chart reading

Individual horoscope

Learn about yourself, about the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets on your character and Fate.

In what areas of life support is waiting for you, where work and attention are needed, how to change in life what does not suit you.

The consultation includes:
- Accurate rectification of the horoscope and its reading.
Making a horoscope is impossible without the exact time of birth. Even the time from the birth certificate differs by 5-10 minutes from the true one. 

The true time of birth is the moment of the first breath.
Clarifying and restoring the time of birth is called rectification.
I make a rectification of the horoscope, I restore the exact time of birth even in cases where others refuse (for example, the time is not known at all, the approximate time is only the time (period) of day).

- Astropsychology and qualitative interpretation of the horoscope
The influence of planets, aspects (relationships of planets), horoscope formulas, horoscope houses, zodiac signs.

At the consultation, we will consider -

Character, personal development, partnership, financial sphere, travel and relocation, real estate, etc..
We are looking for your power from Planets, elements, Houses and other. We are finding your best qualities, your energy, your motivation. Then I can tell you that part of your horoscope, that need to looking fo especially. 

From you — date, time, place of birth, 5-7 main life events (dates is needed to restore the true time of birth)

Individual horoscope consultation is available in several variants - a short consultation (analysis of 3-4 questions), a detailed consultation (full consideration of the horoscope)

Without the exact time of birth - the horoscope does not work! The correct time of birth is the key to your horoscope.




Natal Chart

Individual Horoscope

Individual horoscope with the rectification of the time of birth 

from 350 $ 

The consultation includes:

Rectification (restoration of the time of birth),
astropsychology, detailed consideration of the main areas of life - your power, your talants, finance, real estate, personal life, health issues, work, relocation, etc.

Answers to your questions.


Synastry (compatibility of partners)  


- you and your partner, the nature of the relationship, map of conflicts, tension points, aspects of happiness and good luck

- partnership prospects

- how to improve the relationship with a partner

Your Future

The forecast for the year ahead is from 200$

We will consider all the important aspects of the year, specific dates of aspects and recommendations will be given. 

Topics in the forecast - business, travel, partnership, love, meetings, money, real estate, travel, health

Answer to your questions

The answer to one of your questions


Detailed view of the situation

Karmic horoscope

Your karmic tasks, difficult places of the horoscope that you need to pay attention to first of all. Those areas and tasks that are important to solve. A horoscope showing the way out of difficult and confusing situations.

Horoscope of Fortune

You will learn how to activate your luck at this consultation. Become happy and successful, because you have all the opportunities for this!

Individual selection of stones, aromas, colours.

Choose the right stones and fragrances for you, become more successful, more beautiful, shine with happiness and love! Properly selected jewelry is the way to success!

Career. Horoscope of the profession.

Where should I go to study? Who should I become!? Where to show your talents and where to direct your forces so that life plays with all the colors and pleases you every day?

Horoscopes for Children.

A horoscope for a child is a personal horoscope for the individual, but it is designed so that you (the parent (s) ) are better able to understand your child and to help you realise him or her to the best he or she can be. This horoscope focuses on their future profession, their knowledge and mindset, their world view, health, and other important things for the beginning and rearing stages of life/

Horary Astrology (Astrological Questions)

Horary astrology seeks to answer a question at the moment it is asked without looking into the individual horoscope. For example - whether one should accept on any tipe of other, to go on a trip, start a something new, to buy certain products, or even to ask whether or not a romantic interest really returns the feelings, why it is going in this way

Selecting /choosing your child’s name

Using a system which mixes a combination of arithmetic characters and astrological symbols it is possible to discern the best name options for your child. I (the system) will provide a few of the best options and you choose the one which you think best suits him or her.

Tarot reading

Professional layout on Tarot cards. A deep understanding of the situation, an additional opportunity to get an answer to your question

Дизайн квартиры, дизайн дома, дизайн пространства - с помощью астрологии

Создайте идеальное пространство, которое активирует только самые сильные ваши стороны. Индивидуально подобранные - стиль, цветовая гамма, расположение мебели - всё это с помощью вашего личного гороскопа. Астролог Анна Солодовникова много лет пишет картины и имеет высшее художественное образование, дополнительное образование - дизайн пространственной среды.

Картина, созданная в определенное астрологическое время

Exclusive paintings by Anna Solodovnikova. Check the availability via personal messages. Each picture is unique and is written at a special astrological time. Available in stock and available on pre-order.

rectification of your time of birth

There are 3 thing, that you need to know for calculate your natal chart.
There are - time of birth, place of birth and date of your birth.

If you only know on approximation of your time of birth, it will be necessary to learn or discover your exact time. The recovery of an exact time of birth is called rectification.

Rectification of your horoscope

If you want to know your real horoscope, you mast know your time of birth, place of birth, and date.

Many people don’t know their real time of birth, it may be around 2-3 hours, sometimes people know only period (morning, evening), someone’s absolutely don’t know

What is time of birth? It is the moment, when child get their first powerful breath, moment, when air goes into his body and activate his horoscope!
Important - changing time only for 4 minutes change horoscope!
And if you know your time around 10-15 minutes, it is also occasion to do rectification of your time!

I can do rectification of your time of birth, even if the time is not known!

Rectification of the ascending sign (ascendant) of the horoscope, its degree, as well as the restoration of accurate data for all the houses of your horoscope. It is important. Houses are responsible for the spheres of life and are the key to your birth chart.
Ascendant (Asc) - the beginning of the first house, Descendant (Dsc) - the beginning of the seventh house, IC - the beginning of the fourth house, MC - the beginning of the tenth house - corner cardinal houses. which have a key influence on Fate.

Rectification of the horoscope must be done if you want to get an accurate horoscope and, especially, if you need to calculate the forecast.

What will an astrologer need to restore your time of birth?

1. Your date of birth - Day, month and year
2. Your place of birth is the city/locality where you were born
3. Approximate time of your birth - everything that you know about the time of your birth
, for example, the time from the birth certificate (if you don’t have, you can try to get it), from the words of your mother, relatives, for how much is it known exactly.
4. A list of important dates for you, significant events of the past.

It is important to remember important events and especially dates, but without this it is impossible to restore time.
Sometimes I have heard from people that they do not have special dates, but this is not true. Every person has significant events in their life, and when we look at them in detail, we find a sufficient number of dates to restore the time of birth. If you are in doubt - what is considered an important date and what is not - ask yourself, if this had not happened, would something have changed in fate? If you remove this event from life, how much would it affect the course of events? The event that became a turning point is important!

Events for rectification can be the following events-marriage, birth of children, moving, opening a business, getting an education, getting a license, buying a car, a significant trip, getting a job, the date of an important meeting, the date of a fateful decision, etc.

If you don't remember the exact date of the event, try to remember the period - month, year.

Work on rectification takes 1-2 days.

Astrologer Anna Solodovnikova

I am an astrologer from Russia. I study new things every day, I have a huge practice of consulting, publishing in journals, as an expert and mentor. I travel a lot, do yoga, meditate, vegan


I have certificate of complete course at the Astrological Academy in Astrology and qualified as an astrologer/


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